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Why You Need Social Media (and a Manager Too)

I went to a company reunion a couple of weeks ago and had a conversation that I suspect happens all too often. I ran into a fellow, let’s call him Bob, who told me he was a dog trainer and … Continue reading

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Tears for a Twitter Friend

The power of social media struck me full force last night in a way I could not have anticipated. After a very long day, I was taking one last look at email before going to bed. I noticed a note … Continue reading

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The Importance of Your Site Being Mobile

As more and more folks surf the web on mobile devices such as the iPhone, the importance of web sites rendering properly in a mobile browser has increased substantially. Two recent experiences really brought this home to me, one negative … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Social Media Ingredient: Webinars

When I say the phrase “social media” to you, what is the first thing you think? Probably Twitter or Facebook or MySpace or LinkedIn. What if I added “webinars” to the list? What? Think about it a minute. During a … Continue reading

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