Why You Need Social Media (and a Manager Too)

I went to a company reunion a couple of weeks ago and had a conversation that I suspect happens all too often. I ran into a fellow, let’s call him Bob, who told me he was a dog trainer and then asked what I did for a living.

Matt: I’m a webinar producer and social media manager.
Bob: A what?
Matt: I produce webinars for people and I set up and manage their Twitter and Facebook accounts [that was the easiest way to define social media manager for the uninitiated].
Bob: I don’t get Twitter. What’s the point? Telling a bunch of people what you bought at the grocery store that morning. Who cares?
Matt: Remind me what you do for a living again.
Bob: I’m a dog trainer.
Matt: OK, pay attention to this:

  1. Open a Twitter account.
  2. Download and install TweetDeck on your computer.
  3. Set up a search column for the words “need dog trainer”.
  4. Keep your eyes on that column.

Take my word for it, more sooner than later you will find someone tweeting a need for a dog trainer. You now have immediate access to that person to see how you can help them.
Bob: Wow I never thought about it that way!

There are a lot of folks like Bob who don’t realize the benefits of Twitter, among other social media venues. The next barrier to entry once they understand the benefits is the time investment. Lots of folks are busy and just don’t want to put in the time to do social media marketing. That’s where a social media manager comes in. While you focus on other parts of your business, your social media manager (or social media assistant) maintains your social media presence.

To get an idea of what typical social media managers do, just check out my Packages page. Whether or not you hire a social media manager, you can’t afford NOT to do social media. Those who are doing it are grabbing customers that could be coming to you.

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President and CEO of Vell Group LLC, Editor of Vell Connected.
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