Social Media is Guest on Meet the Press

I was watching NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, January 30 when to my surprise an unannounced guest showed up. The guest was neither male nor female. In fact the guest was not human at all. The guest was social media itself.

That’s right. As host David Gregory discussed the crisis in Egypt he turned to a large display monitor and there before my eyes was the familiar layout of Tweetdeck, a popular PC client application used to follow and contribute to Twitter. Gregory was making the point that much like the Iranian crisis of 2009, the unrest in Egypt was being communicated to the world via Twitter and Facebook.

What struck me was how far Tweetdeck and indeed Twitter itself had come. Anyone who thought these were tools used exclusively by teenagers with nothing better to do got a wake-up call. When the oldest most respected news program in broadcast history considers you a valuable news source, you have arrived.

I know I sound like a broken record when I say that the impact of social media upon our lives cannot be overestimated but every time I see further evidence of it, I am amazed. If David Gregory is reading an Egyptian’s tweets about revolution, just think how many of your potential customers might be reading your tweets about your company and what problems you can solve for them!

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President and CEO of Vell Group LLC, Editor of Vell Connected.
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