To create buzz about your company you’ll have to do more than just a couple of tweets a day. You’ll have to actively follow strategic folks on the net. You’ll want a Fan Page on Facebook. You’ll want to broaden your reach.

With our Buzz package, we set you up with as many as five social media profiles (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Amplify) and then perform monthly maintenance:

  • everything from our Awareness package plus:
  • we actively seek out strategic folks for you to follow based on your guidelines
  • we keep your Facebook Fan page updated with the latest info on your company (up to 2 updates per day)
  • we’ll monitor your social media platforms and Google to make sure your buzz is positive and alert you when it isn’t
  • every two weeks, we’ll spend 30 minutes on the phone reviewing your social media strategy with you

The setup fee is separate and we can simply do that and walk away if you like. Otherwise, purchase the setup and the monthly Buzz maintenance!

Setup: $299.00 (includes a Facebook Fan page with a welcome tab)
Maintenance: $1499.00/month

All monthly maintenance packages carry a minimum three month commitment.

Buzz Setup
Buzz Monthly Maintenance

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