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Presentation vs Interview

Last week I attended the week long LinkedIn Summit event online. The event consisted of 30 video interviews between the host, Liam Austin, and a series of LinkedIn experts. I came away with an interesting observation. Have you ever attended … Continue reading

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Social Media: The Numbers Don’t Lie

While roaming the web I stumbled across a compelling video making the case for social media. If you can tolerate the soundtrack (turn off your speakers if you must), this video is definitely worth your four minutes. The video pulls … Continue reading

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Social Media and the Need for Company Buy-in

I was surfing around the web today and I stumbled across the following Dilbert strip re-posted on the ChurchCrunch blog. The strip is funny but at some companies probably not too far off the mark. The key forces at play … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Social Media Ingredient: Webinars

When I say the phrase “social media” to you, what is the first thing you think? Probably Twitter or Facebook or MySpace or LinkedIn. What if I added “webinars” to the list? What? Think about it a minute. During a … Continue reading

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Get Your Zen on with Shama Kabani’s Guide to Social Media

I stumbled across Shama Hyder Kabani over a year ago on Twitter. That in itself says something. Her presence on Twitter got her exposure. As I followed her “tweets” and then visited her web site, I found someone with a … Continue reading

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